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Hedgey B started on student radio in the UK in 1994 where he eyed up the 1210s in the studio having listened to Pete Tong and Mark Goodier mixing on Radio 1 and wondered if he could mix too.

With a little help from the resident DJs at Loughborough Students Union he soon learned the art of beat matching and tune blending.

Initially, he was to be found standing in for lighting technicians for union nights, observing and learning the art of entertaining the crowd.

Meanwhile, he started volunteering at BBC Radio Leicester, learning more radio skills and even commentating on local rugby and soccer matches.

It all started happening in 1997, following a voluntary role of assistant manager for a local new commercial radio station in Loughborough, England which led on to Glastonbury, recording interviews with bands and musicians for Student Broadcast News again as a volunteer.

Then the moment came, late in 1997 when Danny Rampling played the Students Union, while he went to the bar, Hedgey B stood in for him with about 5000 drunk students giving it large on the dance floor and the rest is history!

Many clubs later, DJ’ing and doing lights, bits and pieces on commercial radio for 3 years, he had a few health scares, became a photographer and had a few years off.

In 2011, he set up a community radio station where Dancefreedom had its longest stint so far, the show developed and he built relationships with producers on soundcloud, who were happy to get the exposure on offer.

However, this show is at home on a specialist dance station and he is excited to be part of the HouseMusic1 family and to do his 3 hour show live every week for true house heads!

He hosts a 3 hour LIVE show on HouseMusic1 every Wednesday night from 19:00 – 22:00 GMT/UTC

The show covers House Classics, Chart Countdown and the Takeover in the second hour by a guest different guest DJ every week.

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