Deadmau5 new ‘Cube 2.1’ – News

deadmau5 cube

Deadmau5 Cube has been teased a few times already. His new stage setup, called the ‘Cube 2.1’, is going to be coming for his 2017 shows.

He described it as a multi-million dollar production so massive it could only be housed in large stadium and arena settings, with only small glimpses of the piece in circulation over 2016.

Today, Zimmerman unveils the first full detail look at the ‘Cube 2.1’ in a new video.

The multidimensional creation is bigger and more complex than what most anticipated, double the size of his original and iconic cube, with shifting, intricate LED facets.

During his performance, the deadmau5 cube stands atop the enormous structure, giving great comparison as to the massive size of his new cube.

The video journeys through behind-the-scenes footage of building and designing the ‘Cube 2.1’, plus a look at Joel’s new mau5head arsenal and a short clip of the artist playing on stage with the system.

It’s going to be hard to top this one. Watch below.

Source: Mixmag