Dubspot DJ & Production School Accused of Fraud – News


Dubspot, a global music school focused on DJ and production, has come under fire for scamming its paying students.

Over 55 students enrolled in the popular production school’s program have claimed that Dubspot has not fulfilled its promises.

Courses which were paid for upfront Dubspot have also failed to issue refunds in some cases.

In a chain of emails, students have claimed that classes were often rescheduled and moved around and in some cases, when they showed up for class, never had an instructor show up due to failed fees and payments on the educator end.

The CEO of Dubspot, Dan Giove, is also currently in the midst of several ongoing legal battles directed towards him from both students and employees.

A former employee of the company who helped develop some of the courses and has since quit  saying that he was paid in audio gear instead of paychecks.

Dubspot’s two physical locations in New York and Los Angeles have closed without any formal announcement and still seems to be accepting admission fees and taking reservations for courses, despite ongoing issues and reports from distressed students.

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