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house music dance

House Music  Dance Music as it often called in the UK has a rich background rooted in many dance related genres that went before it.

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Much of the early House tunes borrow heavily from the worlds of Disco, Funk and the early “Electro” sound from the early 80’s

However, House has constantly evolved and created many sub-genres, some of which you would be hard pressed to realize where they came from.

It’s often been said that House Music is a feeling, it’s a spiritual thing. I wouldn’t say I’m the most spiritual person, but I certainly believe House is a feeling.

Sure, many people can appreciate the uplifting vibes, the pure dance-ability and the engaging lyrics sung by some of the most amazing Soul Singers, but for others, including me, House is more, much more.

House Music can move me to tears, can make goosebumps appear over my body and make me feel on top of the world….. and no, I’m not tabbed off my face on Ecstasy or anything else.

I know many genres of music can do this to people, but for me, it’s House.

The progression of House Music from its early beginnings in 1985-1986 has been well documented and discussed in many places.  One of the best documentaries is here:

Starting in the underground gay clubs in Chicago it was quickly taken by DJs in Europe and particularly the UK. Seminal club nights in London such as Spectrum, Future & Shoom helped catapult this new sound to a whole new audience.

When UK DJs and music producers realized that they could create this House sound on equipment that was now actually affordable, especially The Roland TB-303, TR-808 etc.  it exploded.

House music went on to dominate the UK and many European Charts up to 2009. This time has been called “The Dance Years” and has even been immortalized in a series of CD’s (yes, remember those?) compiled by early UK House DJ, Dave Pearce under that exact name.  house music dance

The USA finally caught up with the rest of the world and a sub-genre of Dance Music which quickly became known as “EDM” kicked off in the USA in 2009. One of the first tracks of this Genre being “The Black Eyed Peas ft. David Guetta – I Gotta Feeling”  (notice which way around the Artists are listed there…!)

This ultra commercial sound with it’s emphasis on auto-tuned vocals, an element called “the drop”, predominantly female singers and a collection of producers who release “ghost written” tracks such as:  David Guetta ft. Nicki Minaj  house music dance

By the way, The Drop and a dig at much of the EDM “DJs” are wonderfully portrayed in this video:

This station doesn’t play EDM.   There are many many stations out there that do, but we dont.

Watch the video on House Music roots, it’s essential for any House Head.


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House Music Dance  House Music Dance