Ibiza Clubbing Changes ? – Ibiza Debates New Noise and Capacity Levels on Clubs

Ibiza Clubbing Changes

Ibiza Clubbing Changes Coming ? – The Town Council in Ibiza has plans to discuss legislation that will force venues with capacity of 200 or more to use new crowd control systems, according to Periódico de Ibiza.

If this ordinance is passed, it would mean patrons attending beach bars, clubs and venues would have to go through sensors upon entry in order to monitor capacity.

Transparency would also be of the utmost importance with regards to this proposed ordinance, as venues would be required to post signs in “visible areas” that outline capacity and have a designated person in charge of monitoring.

Along with the capacity restrictions, the council will also debate expanding article 26 of the Tourism Law, legislation that would increase limitations on sound emitted from beach bars, clubs and venues in Playa d’en Bossa.

The main issue with increasing sound limitations in Playa d’en Bossa, as Deputy Mayor and Councilor of the Interior Paquita Ribas states, is that it singles out one specific area and is not seen as a fair regulation: “You can not discriminate, forcing some to have more control than others.”

Playa d’en Bossa and Cala de Bou are part of the municipality of Sant Josep, which includes Ushuaïa and the venue that was once the home of Space.

Sant Josep Town Council meets on Thursday to discuss the proposed ordinances.

Is this just common sense or another restriction to the world of Clubbing?

With the decline of music venues and clubs across many cities some could view this as another ‘restriction’ that drives people away.

How would you feel about being turned away from a club because they had reached their capacity?

The Island of Ibiza is a huge family vacation destination, it would be interesting to see what percentage of income the “clubbing” element brings to the Island compared to the “family vacationers”

Ibiza Clubbing Changes , are you a regular to Ibiza, what changes have you seen over the past few years ?

Source: Mixmag