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Featured Artist – Akola Producer DJ

February 11, 2018 James 0

Akola Producer DJ – New Release SOUL SPIN: release date 2018-02-12 LABEL: Coffeeshop Records SOUL SPIN is a AKOLA new release, this is the beginning of some new collaboration with different label and artistic path. […]

ikea dj table
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November 6, 2017 decentchapdesign 0

IKEA DJ Table IKEA Release DJ Table Strong Enough To Hold Five Attention Seeking DJs At Once Swedish furniture giant IKEA have pounced on a gap in the EDM market and are planning to roll out […]

david guetta
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David Guetta – Cheese Merchant?

November 6, 2017 decentchapdesign 0

David Guetta – Cheese Merchant? French cheese merchant David Guetta has finally realised that EDM is boring after making an amassed fortune of $500 million producing it. Reports suggest that the Spunk Bubble Guetta will […]

ZXR Productions
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Featured Artist – ZXR Productions

July 22, 2017 James 0

ZXR Productions is a world renowned DJ and Producer. He’s worked with some of the largest acts like Linkin’ Park and ZEDD over the years. He’s had years of experience in music, including time at […]

Reverse Stereo

Featured Artist – Reverse Stereo

July 2, 2017 James 0

Reverse Stereo  – Biography “Deep,dark infectious electronic-dance grooves and beats”  That’s how Reverse Stereo describes himself as a producer. Reverse Stereo – Sick Society A track released on 18th of April 2017 (as an independent […]

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