Urban Flavours – Dean Freshest

dean freshest housemusic1
My musical journey began at 14 years old…an energetic, enthusiastic East London lad, savoring all the Hip Hop and Urban underground I could introduce my mind and body too.
Looking back, I guess the big cultural sounds melting pot that Hackney was and the many friends and their families I used to spend time with, listening to reggae, influenced my eclectic aural taste buds.
From then on I was hooked to the surging beat and electronic sounds of the subterranean beats………embarking in organising our own parties in disused buildings and woodlands on the outskirts of London and running my own pirate radio stations and playing on many others!!
Climbing onto tower blocks, installing our transmitters – descending from roofs to balconies below, to get back into the studio – is how I spent my late teens.
As the music progressed and split into different genres, I found myself drawn more to the jungle elements and as raves grew, so did I; beginning to DJ in Clubs such as Club DaDa and Roller Express Elevation and Pasha in Ibiza.
Life decisions, not always wise decisions, took my path away from DJ’ing, but now I’m back and enjoying it more than ever.
I hope you enjoy my shows and your passion for listening is just as amazing as mine is for playing for you.  Thank you.