Featured Artist – ZXR Productions

ZXR Productions

ZXR Productions is a world renowned DJ and Producer. He’s worked with some of the largest acts like Linkin’ Park and ZEDD over the years.

He’s had years of experience in music, including time at Trinity College of London.

He excels on the keyboard, creating new and fresh beats. When he puts his touches on a track through a remix, it’s easy to see how his intense beats bump it up a notch.

Aside from ZXR Productions successful remixes, he’s been releasing a ton of his own new music too. His new website was just released in the beginning of October, and you can check out all of his music there.

The latest ZXR Productions release is the 11-track playlist ‘INCREDIBLES’.

As the name suggests, this includes his 11 most incredible tracks to date consisting of Six original mixes and 5 remixes to enjoy at https://soundcloud.com/zxrproductions/sets/incredibles

With over 60 Million Total Listeners on SoundCloud, ZXR Productions Expertises in Electronic Music and all its sub-genres.

Mainly being an Electro House Producer, ZXR Productions has achieved a great success with Progressive House, Light Dubstep in the EDM Scene

You can follow ZXR Productions at:

https://ZXRProductionsOfficial.com | Official Website

https://ZXR.To/SoundCloud | Official SoundCloud

https://ZXR.To/Twitter | Official Twitter

https://ZXR.To/Instagram | Official Instagram

https://ZXR.To/Facebook | Official Facebook

https://ZXR.To/Tubmlr | Official Tumblr

https://ZXR.To/iTunes | Official iTunes/Apple Music

https://ZXR.To/Spotify | Official Spotify