Colin Thomas

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He is the winning producer of last year’s Track of the Year Poll with Faith, as voted by you, the House music fans!

Born Colin Reaume, Colin Thomas has been on a steady rise to establishing his name ever since he started DJing.

Claiming his mark in nightclubs from Detroit, Michigan, all the way to London, Ontario with his unique blend of deep vibes and late night bangers, giving the crowds exactly what they came for.

Hailing from the City of Roses, Colin Thomas naturally was influenced by the hip hop scene before he dove into his position in the EDM world.

Experimenting with new age Future House and Bass House sounds and styles, he blends together the best of the best to create a nostalgic vibe that every single person on the dance floor can relate to. 

Given his recent success with major blog coverage, and support from the likes of Dyro, ColinThomas proves time and time again that his name will become one that you don’t forget.

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