Deadmau5 creates Playlist with 500 Techno-inspired tunes


Though Deadmau5 surely isn’t the name that comes to you when you hear “techno”, there’s no doubt that the Canadian producer has plenty of respect and appreciation for the genre.

(He flies under the moniker Testpilot for rare techno appearances.)

Over the weekend, he pulled together 496 tracks into one Spotify playlist featuring artists on his mau5trap label.

The playlist showcase names like ATTLAS, Monstergetdown, REZZ, Matt Lange, BlackGummy, No Mana as well as plenty of his own original outputs.

In total, the playlist comes out to about 46 hours of listening.

Plenty to keep listeners occupied.

Check out the playlist below.

A hearty playlist of mau5trap tunes


Source: Deadmau5 pulls together 500 techno-inspired mau5trap tunes for a 46-hour long playlist – News – Mixmag