Radio Advertising Rate Card – Effective September 2017

Radio Advertising is a tried and tested method of reaching new customers and promoting your product or service.

Advertising with House Music 1 is easy and very cost effective.  Radio Advertising is cheaper than you think.

We can place your ad campaign into our Station Playlist for Air Play, blast on Social Media and place ads on our website.

You dont have to be a big corporation to do this. We work with people and businesses.

You can even promote your Crowdfunding campaign.

The majority of our listeners (79%) are in the 18-40 age range.

Most are in full time or part time employment, with roughly 20% owning their own businesses or working for themselves.

They tend to be very tech savvy and very used to purchasing goods or services online.

While our listener base truly is global, the highest concentration of listeners are in the US and the UK.

To download a PDF version of this Rate Card, Click Here.  All prices are in US Dollars.



radio advertising house music 1radio advertising house music 1

Station Sponsorship

Station sponsorship is for Record Labels, Producers, DJs or Companies who are serious about brand building on one of the Top House Music Radio Stations on the Internet.

Gold Level – $175 per month. You get priority placement in all media outlets. You get two plays per hour of your radio ad spot around the clock for the month, and your leader board web ad will enjoy exclusive placement on the top of our web site. Your brand or service will also be mentioned on our social media.

Silver Level – $125 per month. Your message is blasted across both our radio station and our website. You get one play per hour of your radio ad spot per hour for the month, and will share one of the banner spots (could be top banner, big box or skyscraper – whatever is available) with other advertisers in rotation.

Bronze Level – $75 per month. You will get one play of your radio ad per hour for the month, plus your choice of a 250×250 square ad in the sidebar of the front page, or a 160×600 skyscraper ad in the sidebar of the article pages for that month.

Show Sponsorship – $75 per month. Build brand recognition by being a continuing sponsor of one of our regularly scheduled radio programs. Your sponsorship announcement is read before and after each show episode, identifying both your product or service and your status as sponsor, and your radio ad is played at the beginning of each programmed hour for each program you sponsor.

Radio Advertising Standard Rates.

This may surprise you: radio ads are actually very cheap. A single conventional flier costs more than a radio ad. We sell them by the play.

  • 30 second spots are $0.083 per play ($60 min. order)

You specify once per two hours, one per hour, or twice per hour.

With a minimum order, your ad will play once an hour for 30 days, or twice an hour for 15 days.

You can order as many plays as you like.

You can either provide us with your prerecorded ad. Spots must be recorded as MP3 files, 16-bit stereo, with a 320kbps sample rate. If you use background music, you must have secured the rights to use it.

….or we can even produce your radio ad for you if you need us to. (additional cost) Send us your script and details of any style of background music.

A thirty second radio spot equals about 80 spoken words. You can use less than that, but not more – and, if you make your own radio spot, you are responsible for attending to the music rights for any music you might use.

Please contact House Music 1 Marketing and we’ll help you get started.

Prices and policies listed effective September, 2017 superseding any previously published.

Prices subject to change without notice.